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Utah County Attorney


Sentenced to 1-15 years in the Utah State Prison for Automobile Homicide, a second degree felony.

On August 25, 2013, Ramiro Serrano-Hernandez had been at a wedding where he'd been drinking alcohol. Police were called and Mr. Serrano-Hernandez was given a sober ride home. While at home, Mr. Serrano-Hernandez consumed more alcohol and then decided to drive to his friend's house. Ashlee Zimmer was sitting on the curb when Mr. Serrano-Hernandez hit the car in front of her, then her, dragging her under the vehicle until he crashed into a building. Ashlee Zimmer eventually died of her injuries. After his arrest, Ramiro Serrano- Hernandez was tested by officers and his blood alcohol content was .19. Mr. Serrano-Hernandez was charged and ultimately plead guilty to Automobile Homicide, a second degree felony.