Tuesday, November 12, 1996

OTHERS PRESENT: J. Bruce Peacock, County Clerk-Auditor
James Sutherland, Deputy County Clerk-Auditor
Arlin Kuhni, Auditor's Office
Kent Sundberg, Deputy County Attorney
Donna Mitchell, Election Clerk
Neil Peterson, Data Processing
Paulette Patten, Data Processing
Jolynn Parker, Data Processing
Sharlene Money, Election Judge
Ellen Grotegut, Election Judge
Joyce Creer, Election Judge
Paul Johnson, Orem City Attorney
Melody Downey, Orem City Recorder

The public meeting of the Utah County Commission was called to order by Commissioner Jerry D. Grover at 12:00 p.m. in room 1400 of the Utah County Administration Building. The following matters were discussed:

Official Canvass
Commissioner Grover explained that this was the official canvass of the November 5, 1996 election. Returns would be publicly opened, and the number of votes for each person and proposition would be determined. Bruce Peacock explained the counting process as well as the absentee ballot rules. He told the board that they should determine if there was any material omission or any clerical error, and they could do test counts if they desired. The board members randomly selected districts and races to count. Commissioner Grover counted the proposition for Vineyard area, Commissioner Gardner counted one of the state legislative races in the Spanish Fork I district, and Commissioner Herbert counted the congressional race in the Cedar Fort area.

It was determined that all ballots which went into the card-reading machine were counted accurately, but there was a question as to whether the ballots from some of the districts had been included in that count. Mr. Peacock asked for a continuance to 4:00 p.m. to match the number of ballots in all districts with the computer generated return.

The motion to continue the official canvass to 4:00 p.m. was made by Commissioner Herbert. It was seconded by Commissioner Gardner and carried by the following vote:

AYE: Jerry D. Grover
David J. Gardner
Gary R. Herbert

NAY: None
The meeting reconvened at 4:00 p.m. Melody Downey gave information on computerized voting. Due to machine (card-reader) malfunction, the meeting was again postponed until 5:15 p.m.
OTHERS PRESENT: J. Bruce Peacock, County Clerk-Auditor
Claude Richards, County Assessor
Kent Willis, Deputy County Attorney
Josephine Zimmerman, Reporter, The Daily Herald

Commissioner Grover stated that, according to statute, Claude Richards would be filling in as an alternate to the board. Commissioner Gardner made the motion to appoint Claude Richards, County Assessor, to sit as the third member of the board of canvassers in the absence of Commissioner Herbert. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Grover and carried by the following vote:

AYE: Jerry D. Grover
David J. Gardner

NAY: None
Mr. Peacock stated that all districts had been recounted. Commissioner Gardner stated that there was a two vote difference in what had been reported and the actual count he had done by hand this morning. This correction, and others made by the card-reader did not change the results of any election. Commissioner Gardner made the motion of declaration, reading the results into the record. The winners were as follows:
State Senate District #14 Craig A. Peterson 20,195 votes
State Senate District #16 Howard C. Nielsen 15,200 votes
State Senate District #17 Robert M. Muhlestein 11,425 votes
State Representative District #56 Christine Fox 8,199 votes
State Representative District #57 Lowell A. Nelson 8,790 votes
State Representative District #58 John L. Valentine 8,653 votes
State Representative District #60 Katherine Bryson 7,821 votes
State Representative District #61 Margaret Dayton 6,377 votes
State Representative District #59 Tammy J. Rowan 5,650 votes
State Representative District #62 Jeff Alexander 7,645 votes
State Representative District #63 Jordan Tanner 4,461 votes
State Representative District #64 Byron L. Harward 4,807 votes
State Representative District #65 J. Brent Haymond 7,228 votes
State Representative District #66 Glenn L. Way 4,752 votes

In State Representative District #67, Bill Wright's total vote count was certified to be 4,682. He was not declared winner as his district was split with Juab and Uinta Counties.
Utah County Commission Gary R. Herbert 78,540 votes
Judges Kay Lindsay, Lynn Davis, John Backlund, Guy Burningham, Anthony Schofield, Steve Hansen, Pamela Greenwood, Russell Bench, Gregory Orme, Judith Billings, James Davis, and Norman Jackson were retained with an average of 14 to 15 1/2% dissension.
Alpine School District #1 Andrea Forsyth 4,376 votes
Alpine School District #2 Kenneth R. Sorenson 6,796 votes
Alpine School District #3 Guy L. Fugal 7,709 votes
Nebo School District #1 Kay Westwood 2,048 votes
Nebo School District #2 J. Collin Allan 3,905 votes
Nebo School District #3 Sterling R. Swenson 2,011 votes
Provo School District #2 JoAnne R. Williams 1,927 votes
Provo School District #3 Kenneth W. Matheson 2,661 votes
Provo School District #4 Nancy R. Hutchins 2,335 votes

The motion was seconded by Claude Richards and carried by the following vote:

AYE: Jerry D. Grover
David J. Gardner
Claude Richards

NAY: None

Commissioner Gardner made a second motion of declaration, with regard to the Vineyard Service Area Proposition, that exclusion from the district be granted with a vote of 51 votes for exclusion and 2 votes against. The motion was seconded by Claude Richards and carried by the following vote:

AYE: Jerry D. Grover
David J. Gardner
Claude Richards

NAY: None

The motion to certify the remainder of the election results was made by Commissioner Gardner. He stated that a point of interest was in the Orem City Road Bond Proposition where there were 14,200 votes for issuance of the bond and 8,815 votes against. The motion was seconded by Claude Richards and carried by the following vote:

AYE: Jerry D. Grover
David J. Gardner
Claude Richards

NAY: None

Commissioner Grover stated that the election report had been reviewed and there were no further comments. Commissioner Gardner added that there were 168,131 registered voters in Utah County at this time. Total voter count in this election was 102,268 or 60.82%.
As there were no further matters to be discussed and no public comments, the meeting was adjourned.
Minutes of the commission meeting held on November 12, 1996 read and approved.
Jerry D. Grover, Chairman

Arlin V. Kuhni
REPORTED BY: Lee Ann Orton