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Clerk/Auditor Department  

Precinct Votes Cast
Last Updated 10:11am Nov 10 1998

Utah County General Election
Official Results
November 3, 1998

Results are available for the following offices:

U.S. Senator

U.S. Representative, Dist. 3

State Senate, Dist. 4

State Senate, Dist. 15

State Representative, Dist. 56

State Representative, Dist. 57

State Representative, Dist. 58

State Representative, Dist. 59

State Representative, Dist. 60

State Representative, Dist. 61

State Representative, Dist. 62

State Representative, Dist. 63

State Representative, Dist. 64

State Representative, Dist. 65

State Representative, Dist. 66

State Representative, Dist. 67

County Commission "A"

County Commission "B"

County Assessor

County Attorney

County Clerk/Auditor

County Recorder

County Sheriff

County Surveyor

County Treasurer

Retain Leonard H. Russon

Retain I. Daniel Stewart

Retain Michael D. Zimmerman

Retain Michael J. Wilkins

Retain Donald J. Eyre, Jr.

Retain Ray M. Harding, Jr.

Retain Fred D. Howard

Retain Howard H. Maetani

Retain Leslie D. Brown

Retain Sterling B. Sainsbury

Retain Jeril B. Wilson

Retain Scott J. Cullimore

State Board of Education, Dist. 3

Alpine School District, Dist. 4

Alpine School District, Dist. 5

Nebo School District, Dist. 4

Nebo School District, Dist. 5

Provo School District, Dist. 1

Provo School District, Dist. 5

Eagle Mountain Proposition 1

Eagle Mountain Proposition 2

Eagle Mountain Proposition 3

Eagle Mountain Proposition 4

Saratoga Springs Proposition 1

Saratoga Springs Proposition 2

Saratoga Springs Proposition 3

Saratoga Springs Proposition 4

Utah Constitutional Proposition 1

Utah Constitutional Proposition 2

Utah Constitutional Proposition 3

Utah Constitutional Proposition 4

Utah Constitutional Proposition 5

Utah Constitutional Proposition 6

Cumulative Votes Cast

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