Working Mothers


Making Breastfeeding “Work”

Going back to work after your baby is born can be stressful! There are many decisions to make about how to feed baby and who will care for her. Some women find there are obstacles for a breast-feeding mother at work. While your situation may be less than ideal breastfeeding can still be possible. You can make the transition smoother as you learn helpful ways to give your baby the best nutrition possible!

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Hand Expression

Learning to hand express is a simple way to empty your breasts without having to purchase a breast pump. Some mothers find hand expressing even more effective than using a breast pump to remove milk from the breasts. It is easy to learn and something you can do any time, any where. Learning what works best for your body is the most important part of learning how to hand express. It takes practice to learn this technique, so don’t give up after only one time of practicing.

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Pumping Breast Milk

Pumping can be helpful to mothers who are separated from their baby for any reason. Mothers who have to be away from their child for awhile, whether for work, school, or a premature birth, can still give their baby breast milk. Pumping is one way to express milk that can be given when baby and mom are separated. Other reasons for pumping may be to help a mother increase milk supply and ease engorgement. Sometimes a baby will not latch on the breast and mom may use a pump and give the milk to her baby. Some women may also pump as well as feed at the breast.

For some women expressing milk through pumping comes easily. Others may find it harder to get a letdown. Practice and patience can help when you are starting out with pumping. Expressing milk can help you provide regular nutritious meals for your little one.

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Storing and Warming Breast Milk

After having expressed breast milk by pumping or hand expression, you can store your breast milk to be used later. When your baby needs to eat it, the breast milk can be thawed or warmed with just warm water. There are tips and rules for safely storing and using expressed breast milk. It is useful to knowing how to store breast milk whether you are working, separated from your baby, or just want to have a back up for emergencies.

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