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Eating for Good Health

People eat for many reasons. Sometimes we eat because it is fun or food tastes good. Other times people eat to try and lose weight or to look better. And maybe the most important reason some people eat is to feel good. Feeling good means having good health, which is something that many people are looking for. What they might not know is that a big part of having good health lies in their refrigerator. Eating the right foods can give us energy, protect us from sickness, improve our mood and even help us live longer. We can find that eating for good health can include all of the other reasons we eat too! When we eat better we will feel better, look better, enjoy life more and even enjoy food more.

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Exercise for Good Health

When you think about exercise, you may imagine yourself working out at the gym. You may even think about taking a walk in the park or along a trail. Whatever you decide to do, exercise is good for your body. When you exercise, you help improve your emotional and physical health. Emotionally, you will feel better about yourself, your stress will reduce, and your sleeping habits will improve. Physically, your body will be healthier and you can enjoy extra healthy years of life. So before you sit down on your couch to watch TV, think about some of the great things exercise can do for you!

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