Family Meals


Benefits of Family Meals

Sitting down and enjoying a meal with your family is an important part of family growth. It creates strong family bonds and has many benefits. Children learn about healthy eating by watching their parents. This can help prevent eating disorders among teenagers. You also have control over the quality of food your children eat when the meal is shared. Sharing a family meal can help your child eat more nutritious foods. Family meals can also prevent risk-taking behaviors among teenagers. This is because of close family ties. Children learn manners, increase vocabulary and enjoy helping prepare the food. Family mealtime can be enjoyed by all and is important for family health!



How to Plan Family Meals

Planning a family meal is not as scary as it may seem. It involves only 3 steps:

  • Planning
  • Preparing
  • Enjoying

Planning is probably the hardest stage. You need to determine the best time for a family meal. Since each family’s schedule differs, you should plan for the best time for your family meals. They do not always have to be at dinnertime. Also, children love to help prepare meals. Involve them! Make sure that when both preparing and eating the meal, distractions (like the T.V.) are avoided. This way, important conversations and bonding can take place. There are many ideas for conversation starters and how to have family meals.

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