Preparing For A New Baby


Car Seat Safety

Many parents think, my child will never get hurt in a car accident. But car crashes are the leading cause of death among children ages 14 and under. And in Utah County, 98% of car seats are installed incorrectly! This leaves many children at risk of injury or even death in a car accident. Fortunately, there are resources to help each parent know the basics of car seat safety. You can learn how long to keep your child rear-facing in a car seat. Or maybe you are unsure when to switch your child to a booster seat. All of these questions are important to have answers to. Then you can feel secure that your child is as safe as possible when traveling in a car.


While some women look forward to their chance to breastfeed, others may worry about what to expect. These feelings of uncertainty are normal. Not only is breast milk best for baby, but breastfeeding can be an exciting and fulfilling part of motherhood. It can even make your life easier! The more you learn about breastfeeding and its benefits, the better experience it can be for you and baby. Breastfeeding can provide physical, financial, and emotional benefits to mom and baby. So it is great to breastfeed for a year or more! The longer breastfeeding continues the better! Many women even say they feel closer to their breastfed baby. Why not give it a try! Experience for yourself the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding!

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Preparing for Delivery

It is important to prepare for delivery. One way to prepare is to create a birth plan with the person that will be delivering your baby. A birth plan should describe what is important to you during the birth of your child. It also lets medical staff know what you want, or do not want, to happen before you go into the delivery room. Things may not always go according to plan. But by making plans you will know what options you want to follow during birth. There are also other ways to prepare for delivery. For example, you may find taking a childbirth class during pregnancy to be helpful. Most hospitals offer childbirth classes and additional information to prepare you for delivery. These resources will help you prepare for this exciting event.

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