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*** Coal Hollow Fire Update ***

Posted On : 8/16/2018 9:03:53 PM

Several areas effected by the Coal Hollow Fire will see changes in their evacuation and closure status at 2:00 AM tomorrow, August 17, 2018

*** PRESS RELEASE *** August 16, 2018: At 2:00 AM on Friday, August 17, 2018, several areas effected by closures and evacuations because of the Coal Hollow Fire will see positive changes. The following areas will no longer be evacuated or will be reverted to pre-evacaution status: Zone 13 (Wanrhodes area) will be clear of any evacuation status; Zone 10 (South of Diamond Fork and back down through Ray's Valley) will be reverted to pre-evacuation; Zone 14 (Strawberry Ridge) will be clear of any evacuation status; Zone 16 (First Water area) will be clear of any evacuation status; and Diamond Fork Road will be opened up to the public.

While these areas will be opened or under pre-evacuation status, The Sheep Creek area will remain closed and under full evacuation notice.

During the 7:00 PM briefing several updates were given: The Coal Hollow Fire is 19% contained; 26,380 acres have burned; 736 personnel are assigned to the fire; and the cost, to date, of fighting this fire is $8.026 million dollars.

There has been tremendous progress on the North anchor of the fire, which made possible the changes in evacuation status described above. The weather is anticipated to change and test the fire lines this weekend. Wind gusts are projected near 30mph with increased temperatures and lower relative humidity. The areas of the fire they are most concerned about are the East and Southeastern fronts. Crews continue to hit those areas hard to keep the fire at bay. There is another Cooperators meeting Tuesday, August 21st at 1100 in Indianola at the Incident Command Post in Indianola.

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