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Bus Driver drops 8 year old off from school and becomes suspicious.

On Thursday, August 29, 2002 an 8 year old girl was dropped off by her bus driver after school. The bus driver dropped her off at 9600 S. 3550 West. The bus driver watched as the 8 year crossed in front of the bus on 9600 S. and started south bound towards her home. The bus started to take off as she watched the young girl safely cross the road. Marsha Stegeell with the Nebo School District started to pull forward and then observed what she thought to be suspicious circumstances. Marsha observed a Dark Blue Faded Dodge Carravan parked on 3550 West. The 8 year old was approached by a white male in his mid to late 30's in which he asked the 8 year old if he could help her across the road. Marsha said the hair on the back of her head stood up and she knew something was wrong. Marsha blew her air horn and had the other children yell for the 8 year old to come back to the bus as she was also getting on the public announce system yelling for her. Marsha said the male took off very fast. The Blue faded Dodge Caravan had a yellow and black seat cover on the drivers side of the vehicle and no other seat covers could be observed. There was a hub cap missing from the drivers side of the vehicle. The male was described as having medium to long blond hair with a white long sleeve button shirt and tie. The Utah County Sheriff's Office responded in a very short time and met with the bus driver and family. The Sheriff's Office is looking for the white male and would like to question him. We are requesting the assistance of the public in this matter. We are taking this very serious and would appreciate any help in identifying this subject. Please call 343-4100 for any information. We would like to thank Marsha for her dilligence and for protecting these children. We will be attaching a picture tomorrow of the intersection where the incident took place. Sgt. Dennis Harris/Public Information Officer/Utah County Sheriff Office

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