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Update-Spring Lake/Santaquin Slides

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Update on the Spring Lake and Santaquin Mud Slides.

Spring Lake: Workers worked through the day to clear debris out of the Strawberry Highline Canal so that the water could be allowed to fill up and flow down the canal again. Only one home was seriously impacted. It was found with 3-4 feet of mud in it's basement but the structural integrity doesn't appear to be compromised. Most of the other damage appears to be mud in yards, the street, and affecting some out buildings. Preliminary estimates to clean up Spring Lake are under $50,000 total. The Sheriff's Office has removed it's command post from Spring Lake as it is no longer needed. Santaquin: Santaquin City was most seriously impacted from the mud slides. Experts examined the affected area today and found that 4 slides actually occurred on Dry Mountain above Santaquin City. It is estimated that approximately 8-15,000 cubic yards of mud slid into the affected North East quadrant of the city. In some areas the mud is as thick as 4-7 feet. The flow was so intense that vehicles were dispaced down the streets and even across the street into other homes. Only one home was found to be structurally unstable. Citizens will not be allowed to return to their homes until they can all be assessed to make sure that they are structurally stable. It is estimated that total damages are between 2 -5 million dollars. There is still a concern that more mud slides could occur if anymore heavy rain is received in the area but the weather forecast for the next seven days shows a drying pattern. The command center for the Santaquin event is still located at their fire station. Any further questions regarding the Santaquin slides can be referred to the Santaquin City Public Information Officer (Chris Lindquist). Reported by: Sgt. Yvette M.Rice, on 09/13/02, Public Information Officer- Utah County Sheriff's Office