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Thanks for the Angels we have among us

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Utah County Sheriff's Office Sergeant is seen as an Angel to many children.

I have been a Deputy Sheriff now for 24 years. I have seen humanity at its best and worst. I have seen families broken apart, I have seen close families be torn apart by acts no fault of their own. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for children who have only been able to see despair and little if no hope at all. I am here to tell you that every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Sergeant Tom Hodgson with the Utah County Sheriff's Office has been a shining ray of hope for many families this Christmas season. Sgt. Hodgson and 87 other Police Officers with every Police Department in Utah County added a silver lining for many families this year. Tom orchestrated the Law Enforcement effort with "Sho with a Cop" this year in which 91 needy children were able to buy presents at K-Mart in Spanish Fork, Utah. Donations came from the Utah County Deputies Association, the Utah County Employee's Association, many generous Private Donations and local Police Departments. This year approximately $14,000.00 were available to make many dreams come true for needy children and their families.

There were many kids that were not able to participate with "Shop with a Cop", so Sgt. Hodgson went to them. Officer John Jackson with the Spanish Fork Police Department approached a needy family in Spanish Fork. The father answered the door and explained to Officer Jackson that he had just gotten off his knees, praying for an Angel this Christmas time. The man had four children and his circumstances were bad. Sgt. Hodgson and Officer Jackson were touched with so much emotion that they prepared food baskets and presents for each one of the children.

Sgt. Hodgson and his wife Valee have been very busy since December the 14th, working tirelessly putting together food baskets and presents as late as Christmas Day.

I had the fortunate opportunity to participate in this season of giving when Tom and his wife had prepared many food baskets and gifts for other children. I had two families that I knew would need some help during this season. I took two baskets of food with a turkey, eggs, cake mixes, cranberry sauce, bread, and many other items to make a beautiful Christmas dinner. K-Mart in Spanish Fork assisted Tom and his wife in putting these dinner together. I felt it important to take my son Dustin with me to feel the spirit of giving. We visited two families, one family had four children and the father had heart problems making it difficult to work. The other family had a child that was sick and no bed to sleep in. My son told me that he thought he might have cancer. With tears in my boys eyes, he thanked me for the opportunity of helping others.

When volunteers give of their time and resources to help others, to those in need, they are angels. Sgt. Tom Hodgson, Valee and Police Officers of utah County, K-Mart and its employees, Spanish Fork Festival of Lights, and the Utah County Chapter of the Eagle's Lodge, I want to thank you for the opportunity of having worked with Angels. May God bless you all. Sgt. Dennis Harris Public Information Officer Utah County Sheriff Office