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Address Change for Mailing of Valuation and Tax Notices

Address Change Request Form

The Utah County Treasurer's office is responsible for maintaining the mailing address of both the Valuation Notice which is mailed approximately the end of July and the Property Tax Notice which is mailed approximately the third week of October each year. The name and address used for mailing will be the name and address on the vesting title document on record as of January 1 of the current tax year. It is our goal to have our mailing addresses as accurate as possible, therefore if you are a new owner or you have moved recently, please make an address change online by clicking the Address Change Form link above.

Please note: If the property address is incorrect on our records it will be necessary for you to contact the Utah County Assessor's office to make this correction.

If you have a mortgage company/escrow account you will still want to receive both your Valuation and Tax Notices. The Valuation Notice will enable you to verify the market value of the property for the tax year and provide you with information should you desire to question this value through the Utah County Board of Equalization. The Tax Notice will provide you with the amount to be taken from your escrow account in the event you have one, or instead, provide you with the tax amount in order for you to make the payment. If a mortgage company has provided us with information regarding your escrow account and it has been provided in a timely manner, an indication of this will be printed on your Tax Notice. The notification appears as: "XXX Mortgage Has Requested Your Tax Information". This is NEVER a guarantee that payment will be made but only an indication that this particular mortgage company is requesting the tax amount for the parcel. If your escrow account includes reserves for the payment of taxes, you may wish to verify with your mortgage company of their intent to pay.