Methamphetamine Testing and Cleanup
Methamphetamine Testing and Cleanup
Environmental Health

The UCHD provides test kits which residents can use to take samples and send in to a lab for analysis.

Kits can be picked up at the UCHD Environmental Health offices at 151 S University Ave, Suite 2600, in Provo. Test kits are provided free by UCHD, but to have the tests run and results returned requires a $45 fee to the lab.

If a resident suspects his/her home was a former location for creating or using methamphetamine (meth), the UCHD strongly suggests that the home be tested. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the property owner(s) and/or occupant(s) of any dwelling, dwelling unit, structure, conveyance, or parcel of land to maintain the property free of health hazards due to the presence of toxic substances. A list of decontamination specialists who can collect samples for laboratory testing and perform cleanup activities related to illegal drug production and/or use may be accessed at These specialists have been certified within the state of Utah and must adhere to a specific set of standards as outlined in Title R392-600 of the Utah Administrative Code. This standard may be accessed at

In those cases where law enforcement and/or laboratory testing have shown sufficient evidence that harmful levels of illegal drug production and/or use have occurred, it is then Utah County Health Department's (UCHD) responsibility to initiate the cleanup process. It is the role of UCHD to ensure that the decontamination specialist conduct the cleanup according to the above rule. Re-occupancy of a dwelling will not be allowed by UCHD until it has received a written report from the decontamination specialist showing evidence that the dwelling is free of health hazards due to the presence of toxic, drug-related substances.

UCHD cannot make recommendations regarding the technical competence or business practices of any decontamination company or certified individual. UCHD also assumes no responsibility or liability for any property damage or contractual disputes arising from any company or individual engaged in the cleanup of contaminated sites.








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