• Asthma Action Plan

If your child has asthma, call your child’s doctor and ask for an asthma action plan.  The Plan should describe exactly what needs to be done to:

      • Recognize and treat both mild and serious asthma episodes
      • Keep your child feeling well through daily medication
      • Reduce exposure to triggers

Having a plan helps keep your child’s asthma under control.   Following the plan can mean fewer trips to the doctor and/or emergency room.  Your doctor might give you a plan, or you can print out a sample plan and ask him or her to complete it with you.

Some instructions in the plan will apply every day, not just when your child is having breathing problems.  Because each child’s asthma is different, each child’s plan is different.  Talk with your doctor about the plan and ask questions if something doesn’t make sense.  Keep it where you can find it quickly in an emergency.

  • Asthma Action Team

The important adults in your child’s life should have copies of the Asthma Action Plan.  Together they can work as a team to help your child stay safe and healthy throughout the day.

Parents and guardians: Make sure every member of the team reads and understands the Plan.

Doctor: If you notice any changes in your child’s asthma, ask your doctor to update the Plan.

Caregivers: Anyone who takes care of your child should have the medicine and equipment needed for daily care and emergency treatment.