Falls Prevention Program
for Seniors

Health Promotion
The leading cause of injury-related deaths for males 80 and older and females 75 and older is falls.  Elderly people are more prone to falls due to the loss of mobility and weakening of bones that comes with aging.
About the program:
The Stepping On program is a well researched falls prevention program. The Stepping On workshop meets for two hours a week for seven weeks.
The program is led by a health professional, with local guest experts also assisting (physical therapist, eye expert and pharmacist).

Topics include:

  • Simple and fun balance and strength training
  • The role vision plays in keeping your balance
  • How medication can contribute to falls
  • Ways to stay safe when out and about in your community
  • What to look for in safe footwear
  • How to check your home for safety
Upcoming workshops:
Stepping On classes are scheduled throughout the year. You can find a course near you at http://www.livingwell.utah.gov/

Contact information:
If you are interested in participating in a Stepping On course, contact:

Marla Brannum


Violence & Injury Prevention Program—Falls Among Older Adults

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—Injury Prevention

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