Adult Drug Court
Substance Abuse

The Adult Felony Drug Court program has been operating in the 4th District Court of the State of Utah in Provo since 1998. Judge Ray Harding, Sr. was our first drug court judge. The current Drug Court judges are Judge James Taylor and Judge Samuel McVey. The capacity of this program is 72 clients. It is operated on a post-plea model where clients plead guilty to a drug related felony charge or probation violation, and their plea is held in abeyance until they complete the program and graduate. The program is designed to be twelve months in length, however, some clients have taken up to eighteen months to graduate. If a client fails to complete the drug court program, an order to show cause is brought before the judge, and the client’s guilty plea is entered into the record.

  • Admission criteria to the program are simple: a drug related felony or felony probation, and no history of violent offenses.

  • Graduation criteria include completion of treatment and no positive drug tests during the final six months of participation in the program. The incentive for clients to participate in the program is that upon successful completion of the program, the felony charge does not appear on their record. In the case of probation drug court, they avoid a prison sentence.

  • The program contains four phases plus a pre-court phase where eligibility and motivation for participation is established. Clients must apply through the Utah County Attorney’s Office - Criminal Division.

  • Clients who participate in the drug court program must pay drug court fees which include the costs of regular, random drug testing. Funding for the felony drug court program comes from client fees, federal, state, and county funds, and a drug court grant provided by the Utah State Department of Human Services, Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.

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