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March, 2013

Afton has worked for Utah County for almost 13 years in the department of Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Treatment and has been recognized by department multiple times for Employee of the Quarter.

Afton is the sole billing specialist for our department and while she is considered a part of Administration, she considers herself a part every program we have. Afton has seen her position transition over the years from a paper and file system to all electronic. Most importantly Afton speaks the foreign language of Medicaid. Anyone that has worked with Medicaid will tell you that it is very, very complicated. Somehow she manages to keep on top of it and it’s never ending changes and keeps the rest of us aware as well. She always treats the public with professionalism and compassion. Our billing system and sliding fee scale is quite complicated and Afton helps the public to understand their portion of the payment for services. She has a tremendous amount of compassion for the people that we serve and she is always willing to helping them to understand their bill, while teaching them the life skill of paying your debts.

Afton is always willing to jump in and help at the front desk when it is busy or when staff calls in sick. This is not part of her job, but you will never ever hear her say those words or complain. She understands her job and the importance that all our employees play in making our department run smoothly. Because she has worked for the County and the department for a long time she always steps up to train staff on the credit card machines, cash handling policy, HIPAA policies, or simply County or department policies and procedures. The entire staff knows that Afton will know the answer!

Afton Chipman, March 2013 Employee of the Quarter

Recently Afton did some research on our collection agency and was able to bring more money into our system which allows us to treat even more clients. She always has good ideas to improve the performance of our department as well. She is currently working with other programs to help develop a policy and procedure of explaining the bills to the clients. She is working really hard to get this service to all clients.

Afton is always dependable, never late, loyal, and always looking for ways to save Utah County money. Afton greets everyone with smiles and laughs. She has a great laugh that brings a smile to everyone’s face. She gets along with everyone and if you are feeling a little down, stop in and introduce yourself to Afton she will cheer you up. Afton has served as a representative on UCEA and enjoys traveling and spending time with her grandchildren.

The Utah County Department of Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Treatment is responsible for prevention, treatment, and early intervention programs for both youth and adult citizens of Utah County. For information on UCaDDAPT programs or services, please visit www.utahcountyADDAPT.org or
call 801-851-7127.