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As a result of a near tragedy today in Eagle Mountain City, a public safety advisement is being issued regarding extreme weather conditions.

At approximately 13:00 hours, on 09/27/13, an Eagle Mountain resident found that her 7-month old infant had become nearly unresponsive as a result of sitting in her car during the heat of the day. The parents were standing just outside the open car door speaking with neighbors for a period of time when they realized the baby was quiet.

When they realized the baby was in distress, the parents drove their baby to the Sheriff's Office sub-station in the city for help. Deputies requested medical assistance and fortunately the baby became responsive and alert before they even arrived on scene. The baby is with its parents at this time and appears to be doing well.

As a result of this incident, The Sheriff's Office would like to urge citizens to be vigilant as extremely high heat can cause at-risk individuals, like children, pets and aged adults to become distressed and unresponsive very quickly.

Some Common Safety Tips: -Don't leave children and pets unattended in cars. -If spending extended periods of time in the sunlight, wear protective clothing and carry ample water for hydration. -Avoid strenuous outside activities during the heat of the day.

Reported by Lt. Yvette M. Rice, Public Information Officer for the Utah County Sheriff's Office. (office) 801-851-4331 (cell) 801-420-3745