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When a severe thunderstorm passed over Utah Lake 14 people on 2 boats encountered problems and had to be rescued.

On July 5, 2013, at about 6:10 P.M., an officer with Utah Lake State Park was dispatched to respond to a call for help from 2 boats at the south end of Utah Lake about 1/4 mile east of the Lincoln Beach Marina. One boat, carrying 9 adults and children, encountered problems when a rope got tangled around the boat prop. A second boat, carrying 5 people, was nearby and tried to help the first boat. This second boat became disabled and the children from the first boat were moved to the second boat and that boat was then walked into shore. The water where this occurred was only 3-4 feet deep.

The Utah State Parks officer responded from Provo Boat Harbor. Utah County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue also responded. When both groups arrived they assisted in getting the remaining occupants of both boats to shore. The State Park boat towed the first boat to the nearby marina. The occupants of both boats had life jackets available, although not all the adults were wearing them. The first boat was nearly completely submerged and had to be drained before it could be brought completely out of the water. Other than some mild hypothermia and some scrapes and abrasions to some feet the occupants of both boats sustained no major injuries.

As a reminder it is important to know that whenever recreating on Utah Lake, or any body of water, one should exercise extreme caution when storm clouds are approaching. At the time of this incident there was a National Weather Service Severe Thunderstorm Warning in effect.

For questions contact Sergeant Spencer Cannon, Public Information Officer, Utah County Sheriff's Office. (801)404-1912