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Detectives investigating the death of Nathan Tyler Haun are asking for assistance from the public with any information they might have.

Investigators with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office are asking for assistance with identifying a vehicle involved in the suspicious death that occurred between 5:00 A.M. and 5:30 A.M. on July 13, 2013. Investigators are asking businesses along possible routes traveled by the suspect to review video surveillance for suspicious circumstances. Such circumstances could include vehicles with front end damage, broken windshields, vehicles traveling at high or low rates of speed, or drivers stopping to look at vehicle damage.

This incident occurred at 2000 West Arrowhead Trail in unincorporated Utah County. This location is surrounded by the cities of Payson, Salem, and Spanish Fork. Possible routes traveled by the suspect could include, but not be limited to: Payson – Main Street, SR-198, and side streets; Salem - SR-198 and side streets; Spanish Fork - Main Street and side streets; Utah County – Arrowhead Trail, 8000 South, Mill Road, Woodland Hills Drive, and other side streets.

Businesses including automotive repair, windshield repair, service stations, and car washes are being asked to review their video surveillance and report suspicious circumstances to the Sheriff’s Office. If the surveillance shows clear images of vehicle traffic on these roadways but nothing suspicious investigators are still interested in reviewing the video.

If you have information or questions please contact Detective Dan Thomas at (801)851-4024.