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Tobacco Prevention and Control Manager honored for August, 2013

PROVO, UTAH (August 6, 2013) -- Toni Carpenter, Tobacco Prevention and Control Manager for the Utah County Health Department, was honored this morning at the Utah County Commissioner Meeting as the August, 2013 Utah County Employee of the Quarter.

Carpenter started with the UCHD in 2007 as one of the first Environmental Health Educators. She has worked for several other parts of the Health Department including Administration and Environmental Health Divisions. Many co-workers often mention the valuable contributions she has made to their programs and services. She began her career by pioneering the health department's initial environmental health promotion efforts. In this capacity, Toni started a new project for the Habitat for Humanity agency for Utah County. After many months of planning, she successfully helped Habitat for Humanity to use radon resistant construction in all new construction of habitat homes. We are still the only county in the State of Utah to adhere to these standards.

Carpenter later pioneered the new quality improvement program efforts while serving as the first Program Assessment Health Educator for the health department. In this capacity, she helped evaluate client flow and satisfaction for the Immunization Clinic. While leading the CASPER project, Carpenter planned and coordinated a massive community need assessment that involved the training and supervision of over 50 community volunteers. Many of Carpenter's original projects are still being carried out to improve quality of our programs and services.

As current Tobacco Prevention and Control Manager for the Division of Health Promotion, Carpenter never seems to back down from a challenge. In February of 2012, the legislative session was in full swing and talk of e-cigarettes was everywhere. The Daily Herald printed a story that blasted the bill on e-cigarettes being included in the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act, and promoted them as being harmless. Carpenter did not stand for it and submitted a very well written response, educating the community of the harms of tobacco, including what we know about e-cigarettes and the importance of quitting. Her opinion piece garnered local and national attention.

Toni Carpenter

"As many people know, Toni is in constant motion," said Eric Edwards, UCHD Health Promotion Director. "She is always moving from one task to the next until all of her responsibilities are thoroughly completed. She does an incredible job organizing several different projects within the tobacco program. We admire the energy and care she devotes to her programs. Her attention to detail and ability to balance numerous tasks simultaneously is remarkable."

Her valuable contributions to the field of public health have not gone unnoticed; she has received many awards from diverse public health agencies which include:

  • Excellence in Community Outreach, 2012, UDOH Tobacco Prevention and Control Program
  • Lynn Thatcher Award, 2010, Utah Environmental Health Association
  • Innovations in Health Promotion Award, 2010, HEAU in recognition and appreciation of outstanding dedication to the profession of Health Education
  • Department of Environmental Quality Annual Award, 2010, recognizing Carpenter's leadership in promoting radon education to Utah County residents

As only a true glutton for punishment would do, Carpenter decided to pursue the highest level of voluntary licensure for the field of health promotion while juggling many other academic and professional challengers at the same time. After many months of study, she successfully passed the difficult MCHES exam and received her Master Certified Health Education Specialist credential in 2012.

Before developing career interests in public health, Carpenter served an LDS Mission to Brazil. A native of Springville, Carpenter received her B.S. in Public Health Education from Brigham Young University in 2007, and recently completed her Master of Public Health degree from Westminster College in 2012.

Carpenter is a dedicated mom to the cutest little boy you have ever met. While not at the health department, you might be surprised to see her at the Monster Truck Rally, or running the Dirty Dash with other "muddy-buddy" co-workers. Many people are surprised to hear that she was a cheer leader at Springville high school, most likely the top person on the pyramid and the lucky person to be tossed 40 feet in the air. In her spare time, she dances for a modern dance group that performs at the Scera Theater several times a year.

"Toni is an awesome coworker, devoted mother, and all around great person," said Edwards. "We are grateful for all of her hard work and dedicated public service. We are proud to nominate for the employee of the quarter award."


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