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Utah County is pleased to announce our new free Utah County Trail Guide application for iPhones and Android devices.

The Utah County Trail Guide application highlights many of the County's beautiful trails and details where you can access them, what types of activities (hiking, biking, horse riding, etc the trail supports) and where amenities such as restrooms and parking can be found and much more. Use this handy application to find a trail that sparks your interest and give it a try. If your phone or android device is GPS enabled, you will be able to see your current GPS location and track your progress along the trail as well. This initial version of the application is just the beginning.

Future versions will include many more trails, more user interaction, the ability to leave a breadcrumb trail displayed on your device and saved for recall, enhanced (current and average) speed display (we already display current speed in the GPS coordinate label), and distance, trail photos and much more! So watch for updates.

Download the application today and give it a try this weekend at the "Try a Trail" event at the Timpanogos Cave Trail this Saturday at 8:30 am.

The application is now available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store (an iPad version is coming soon)!


Utah County Trail App

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