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Never touch or handle a bat

Utah County health officials issued a warning this week that bat migration has begun in Utah.

"Each year, as we approach September, bats migrate through Utah on their way to caves in New Mexico and Mexico from up north," said Lance Madigan, Utah County Health Department spokesperson. "Bats are a very beneficial specifies -- eating many annoying and sometimes dangerous insects -- but can have a high risk of carrying rabies."

Madigan explained that historically, about a third of bats found down sick and dead where people and pets have access to them will test positive for rabies. Rabies is almost always a fatal disease, infecting the central nervous system and ultimately causing disease in the brain and death. There is no test for rabies in humans, and potentially infected victims should seek medical treatment from their health care provider. "The best advice," said Madigan, "Enjoy bat sightings from a distance. Never touch or handle a bat."


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