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The death of 20 year old Provo resident Hadley Boberg is not being investigated as a homicide.

Based upon new information and preliminary findings from an autopsy conducted this morning, the tragic death of Hadley Boberg appears to have been caused by a combination of alcohol and weather related factors.

This death was initially labeled as being suspicious by investigators. That was due in part to some injuries the victim had sustained and some evasiveness and confusion by the male witness located near the scene.

Near the scene, investigators located an empty container of an alcoholic beverage and other evidence of alcohol consumption.

Hadley and the male apparently tried to find their way back to the vehicle, but lost the keys. In an effort to locate the keys, both individuals received scratches and cuts as they navigated through the oakbrush and trees. In addition, they were in snow and both became wet and cold.

The area where Hadley was located was approximately 7420 feet in elevation. Weather records were checked for that area and during the night temperatures hovered near 17 degrees.

For questions contact Lieutenant Hodgson, (801)404-1916.