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Eagle Mountain has issued a drinking water advisory

Reposted from http://www.emcity.org/index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC={D4C90717-CF47-4B64-8138-31BCB51A723A}&DE={4AA4C6FC-C970-48C5-B752-4B21E9386077} (Eagle Mountain web page). Please see link for complete updates.

UPDATE: Water Testing Results (September 30, 6:00pm) -- We have received the water testing results back from the State certified lab and are happy to report that the water is free of contaminants. The water recommendations are now lifted and everyone may resume normal use of the system.
We are very relieved that there is no threat to the health and welfare of our residents from this crime and again appreciate your patience as we went through these procedures to confirm the safety of our water supply.

UPDATE (September 30, 5:00pm) -- Field tests were conducted today by the City's water department which included; pH, Turbidity, and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). These parameters can be used as indicators to determine if there may be possible problems within a water system. All of the tests came back within the normal operating range. This is a strong indicator that the water system is operating normally. These tests are NOT the bacteria tests we are awaiting results for from the state certified lab and the bacteria tests will be the final indicator as to the safety of the culinary water for human consumption. We still expect to receive those results around 6:00. However, the field tests results were good. The water advisory is STILL IN PLACE until we receive the bacteria test results from the lab. As soon as those are available we will post a notice to inform residents whether or not the recommendations can be lifted.

UPDATE (September 30, 8:30am) -- We expect to have results of the water testing by approximately 6 p.m. today. This is an estimate. We will publish the results as soon as we receive them. We understand this crime has created a huge inconvenience as well as worry for residents who are following the recommendation to not use the drinking water system. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we wait for the results.

INITIAL RELEASE, EAGLE MOUNTAIN, UTAH (September 29, 2014) -- Today a break-in was discovered at one of the City's water storage tanks. Law enforcement has been notified and is investigating. The tank has been isolated, and water from the tank is no longer entering the system. As a safety precaution, we are conducting water testing to determine if there has been any contamination. The earliest we can receive the testing results from a State certified laboratory is tomorrow evening. As soon as the results are in, we will provide an update.

We are likely being overly cautious but with the possibility of the drinking water being compromised we are taking every precaution. We recommend that residents avoid using the City drinking water system, including cooking, showering, and brushing teeth until testing results are verified. The health and welfare of our residents is of utmost importance.

Tampering with a public water system is a federal offense that could carry a 20 year prison sentence and million dollar fine. If you have any information about this crime, please contact the sheriff's department's dispatch at 801-794-3970.

If you have a question that is not addressed in this notice, please ontact the City water department at 801-789-6661. The Utah Division of Drinking Water can also address general questions at 801-536-4200 as well as the Utah County Health Department at 801-851-7525 (hours 7:30am to 5:30pm).