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Investigators with the Utah County Sheriff's Office are looking for suspect in burglaries where credit cards, iPads, and a cell phone were stolen. The credit cards were later used by a suspect.

On October 16th, at about 8:00 A.M., several vehicles were burglarized near the Spanish Fork River Trail located at about 8100 South 1100 East, near Spanish Fork. Several personal items were taken from three different cars. Items stolen included credit/debit cards, iPads, and a cell phone. Shortly after the burglaries, the victim's cards were used at the Springville Walmart. Detectives were able to obtain video surveillance of the suspects. It shows a caucasian female, possibly in her 20s or early 30s's. She was wearing blue jeans, a dark colored sweat shirt, a green hat, and sunglasses. She has reddish blond or light tan hair that was tucked underneath her hat. She arrived at the Walmart in a light colored car with a black car "bra". We believe the color of the car to be silver or silver with a bluish tint. It appeared that a passenger was waiting in the car while the suspect was inside shopping. Other agencies in south Utah County are investigating similar crimes. Detectives are asking for help from anyone who might recognize this woman. Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact the Utah County Sheriffs Office Investigations Division at 801-851-4010.

For questions contact Sergeant Spencer Cannon, Public Information Officer, Utah County Sheriff's Office. (801)404-1912. Twitter: SGTCannonPIO