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Updated Test Results from Utah Department of Environmental Quality show lowering toxin levels

LINDON, UTAH (October 30, 2014) -- Water samples taken on October 22nd from Utah Lake to test for toxins associated with blue-green algae have come back below World Health Organization warning levels, according to the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (UDEQ).

"Water samples show toxin levels decreasing, but we still want the public to take proper precautions when in and around Utah Lake," said Dr. Joseph Miner, Utah County Health Department executive director (UCHD).

Health officials suggest:

  • People and pets should still stay out of areas with visible algae
  • Do not drink the water, and avoid getting water in your mouth
  • Wash hands and face after being in the lake, and especially before eating

Swimming advisory sign

Officials said they would continue to monitor the lake situation. Cooling weather seems to be helping slow the algae growth that can lead to the cyanobacteria, but that accumulation along the shorelines may still pose a health threat until they are "cleaned" through wave action.

Updates can be found at the UCHD web site, or at the UDEQ web site at http://www.deq.utah.gov/locations/U/utahlake/algalbloom2014.htm.

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