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Utah County Sheriff's Office conducted a sobriety checkpoint. Numerous arrests for DUI, alcohol, drug, and other offenses were made. This effort was aimed at removing impaired drivers from the road.

Deputies with the Utah County Sheriff's Office, along with support from the Utah Highway Safety Office, and other agencies, conducted a sobriety checkpoint on Halloween night, October 31, on Geneva Road between Orem and Provo. The purpose of the checkpoint is to detect and remove impaired drivers from the road. For most drivers their time at the checkpoint is less than one minute. Where deputies detect evidence that may indicate illegal activity that driver is moved off the road for further investigation. The checkpoint was operational from about 9:00 PM Halloween night until about 3:00 AM the following morning.

During this checkpoint 6 people were arrested for DUI; 9 people were charged with various alcohol offenses; 10 people were arrested for misdemeanor drug offenses; 4 people received traffic citations; 3 people were arrested for warrants; and 6 vehicles were impounded.