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Clinics in Goshen and Orem

PROVO, UTAH (November 10, 2014) -- Want to be healthy and have the energy you need for all your activities this holiday season? Get your flu shot! The Utah County Health Department is in the community, giving not only flu but pneumonia, pertussis, and many other life protecting vaccinations.

Flu vaccination are available first-come/first-served without an appointment daily in our Provo and American Fork Clinics, weekly at our Payson Clinic, and at scheduled clinics throughout the community. For dates, times and locations, please see www.UtahCountyHealth.org/FluShots or search Twitter for #UtahCountyShots.

Community clinics are scheduled this week as follows:

  • Wednesday, November 12, 3 to 5 p.m., Cascade Elementary School, 160 North 800 East, Orem
  • Thursday, November 13, 1 to 4 p.m., Goshen Elementary School, 60 North Center
  • Thursday, November 13, 2 to 4 p.m., Westlake High School, 99 North Thunder Blvd (200 West) Saratoga Springs

The Utah County Health Department has all varieties of flu vaccinations, including the injectible or "Flu Shot", nasal or "Flu Mist," "Preservative Free," and "High Dose Flu" (for individuals 65 and older). Each of these are available for individuals with insurance or that wish to pay out-of-pocket. We do not have any flu shots through the "Vaccines for Children" or VFC program at this time. Please check back for updates.

The Utah County Health Department is committed to promoting the health of our community by preventing avoidable disease and injury by monitoring the health of our community, responding to public health emergencies, and assuring conditions in which people can be healthy. For information on UCHD programs or services, please visit www.UtahCountyHealth.org or call 801-851-7000. You can also now follow the UCHD at www.FaceBook.com/uchealth, www.instagram.com/UtahCountyHealthDept, www.twitter.com/uchd, or www.pinterest.com/uchd. The UCHD is a partner with Utah's Public Health Departments.