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A prison parolee escaped custody and stole a Utah County Sheriff's pickup truck. The parolee led Deputies and Officers on a chase which ended after the tires were spiked.

*** UPDATE *** Douglas Walker Ellison has been booked into the Utah County Jail on the following charges: 1 count Aggravated Assault, Class A; 2 counts Attempted Aggravated Assault, Class A; 1 count Theft of Vehicle, 2nd degree felony; 1 count Interfering With Arresting Officer, Class B; 1 count Fail to Stop at Command of Law Enforcement, Class A; 1 count Escape From Custody, 3rd degree felony; 1 count Possession of Dangerous Weapon by Restricted Person, 2nd degree felony; 1 count Disorderly Conduct, Class C; 1 count DUI, Class B; and 1 count Driving on Denied Driver License, Class C. As the investigation continues other charges are likely to be added. Additionally, Ellison is being held on a Board of Pardons warrant.

On December 10, 2014, just after 4:30 PM, a Deputy with the Utah County Sheriff's Office was asked by Agents with Utah Adult Probation and Parole to arrest Douglas Walker Ellison, age 23, of Eagle Mountain. AP&P told the Deputy where Ellison was believed to be located and the Deputy found him at a home on Eagle Crest Way in the city center area of Eagle Mountain. The Deputy arrested Ellison, initially without incident. Ellison did not have shoes on at the time of the arrest and when the Deputy stepped into the home to get some shoes Ellison managed to undo his seatbelt and slide his feet through his arms so they were in front of him. Ellison then moved to the driver's seat of the pickup and fled the scene.

The Deputy immediately notified dispatchers and Deputies, along with officers from other agencies, began to try to locate Ellison. The Deputies laptop computer, with the Mobile CAD, was still active and has a GPS tracking feature. Officers and dispatchers were able to know the exact location of Ellison with the Sheriff's vehicle.

Ellison made his way from the city center area toward the Ranches and Silverlake area on the east side of Eagle Mountain. The suspect then drove north and then east on SR-73. As Deputies and Officers pursued Ellison he reached speeds in excess of 90 MPH. He also drove into oncoming west bound traffic. In the area of SR-73 and the new Cross Road Boulevard an Officer deployed spikes, disabling the front tires of the Sheriff's pickup. Ellison then got out and fled on foot. At about that time he attempted to car jack another vehicle. A passing citizen, Bryan Udy, was on his way home from his work with the Utah Army National Guard when he saw Ellison running from Officers. Udy stopped and managed to apprehend Ellison and assist officers in hand cuffing him.

While only 23 years old, Ellison already has an extensive criminal history. He has multiple arrests and convictions for child abuse, burglary, theft, evading police, and providing false personal information to police. He will be booked into jail on numerous charges related to this incident, including vehicle theft, evading, driver license and other traffic violations. This investigation is still active and other charges may also be filed.

For questions contact Sergeant Spencer Cannon, Public Information Officer, Utah County Sheriff's Office. (801)404-1912. Twitter: SGTCannonPIO