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There are only three confirmed cases of measles in Utah County at this time

PROVO, UTAH (January 20, 2015: 4pm) -- Social media is circulating a rumor of a fourth case of measles in Utah County. At this time, there are only three confirmed cases.

State and local public health officials currently have 82 individuals under "Active Monitoring" status -- meaning they have been exposed and we want to track them to be certain they don't develop measles and potentially expose others. These individuals are being asked to voluntarily quarantine themselves (meaning they stay home and limit their exposure to visitors), as well as monitor and report to public health officials on any symptoms they may have.

Utah public health does not classify "suspect" cases. While any of the 66 in active monitoring may yet be confirmed with the disease, it is also very likely that none of them will develop measles. The Utah County Health Department, Utah Department of Health, and other public health partners will continue to closely monitor and inform the public of new developments in the measles outbreak as they become available.

For updates on the measles outbreak in Utah County, please see www.UtahCountyHealth.org/measles or follow #MeaslesUC on Facebook or Twitter.