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Utah County Commissioner Greg Graves reiterates support for American Fork Canyon Resolution.

Provo – In light of several news reports that Utah County Commissioner Greg Graves had changed his position on the proposed land swap and development of American Fork Canyon he issued the following statement:

“Commissioner Graves agrees 100% with and supports the resolution that he helped to craft from the Utah County Commission on 7/8/15. This resolution supports the views of residents of Utah County and represents their desires to Preserve American Fork Canyon. It also allows for Utah County to have the say in the future of the canyon. Recent comments by some have stated that Commissioner Graves “is in support of the land swap.” Yesterday, Commissioner Graves toured property in American Fork Canyon owned by Snowbird. The purpose of the tour with land owners was to see first hand the land being discussed in proposals. The fact finding process is the beginning of what will be a very public process, which will include numerous studies done on proposals, and providing every citizen in Utah County the opportunity to be heard on the matter.”

Commissioner Graves continued, “I am 100% committed to protecting American Fork Canyon and making sure that we protect everyone’s right to use the canyon. We want to engage in a process with our citizens where together we can create the best solution for what we would like our beautiful canyon to be in the future. I will not make up my mind on this matter until we have completed this public process with our citizens.”

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Commissioner Greg Graves