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A male and female are facing criminal charges for a rash of burglaries and thefts that were committed in nearly every city in south Utah County from March to April of this year.

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office Investigation Division is nearing the end of an extensive investigation involving multiple burglaries and thefts throughout south Utah County; nearly every city south of Provo was hit. The crimes occurred between March and April of this year. The individuals involved stole a vehicle and other valuables, including six firearms. Last week detectives served three search warrants around the county and recovered a large amount of stolen property. Four of the six handguns have been located, one of which was recovered by Las Vegas Metro P.D. while it was in the possession of a known felon with gang affiliations. Criminal charges are pending on these cases.

The suspects in these cases targeted opened garages, unlocked homes and unlocked vehicles. We strongly encourage all residents to lock their homes and vehicles, close garage doors, and to not leave guns or other valuables in their cars. If you think you may be the victim of one of these crimes please contact Det. Jeff Robinson, Utah County Sheriff’s Office, at 801-851-4029, or contact your local police department.