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A fifteen year old Eagle Mountain girl ran away from home and is still missing. Investigators would like help finding her.

On the morning of June 22, 2016, Deputies with the Utah County Sheriff's Office in Eagle Mountain responded to a report of a 15 year old girl who ran away. Her father told Deputies she was last seen at about 9:00 PM on June 21 after she returned home from a church activity. The girl, Kaylie English, age 15, from Eagle Mountain, reportedly left a note telling her parents to not try to find her. She is reportedly with a friend, but investigators have not been able to identify who that friend might be or where she is. On July 1 investigators received a tip from the Greyhound bus station in Salt Lake City that Kaylie was spotted boarding a bus bound for Reno, Nevada. Investigators have been unable to confirm this sighting in Salt Lake City. They notified Greyhound and law enforcement in Reno and have not been able to confirm that Kaylie ever arrived in Reno, or if she actually boarded a bus in Salt Lake City.

Kaylie is 15 years old, 5'2", 96 pounds, has shoulder length brown hair, and hazel eyes. She also has braces. Kaylie likes to sing and play her acoustic guitar. The guitar is missing and it is assumed that she took it with her. Kaylie carries the guitar in a case that has a newspaper like design.

Investigators have no information leading them to believe Kaylie was taken against her will. However, there is serious concern for her safety as she reportedly has no resources to care for herself. If she did go to Reno there is distant family there but it is not believed she would contact them. Kaylie otherwise has no connections there. Anyone who believes they have seen her is asked to call the Utah County Sheriff's Office in Eagle Mountain at (801)794-3970.