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PROVO - For the next eight weeks, the Prove River Parkway trail and the old Provo Canyon Highway from Nunn’s Park to the Upper Falls Park along with Provo City’s Bridal Veil Park will be closed while construction crews dismantle the old restaurant structure located at the top of Bridal Veil Falls along with the old tram site.

The contractor performing the work has mobilized equipment at a staging site located at the base of the Falls and has completed most of the lower tram site demolition work. In the next few days demolition work on the upper site will begin. Work on the upper site involves some dangerous high-cliff demolition and frequent helicopter flights.

Measures have been taken to secure the area and help deter people from being in the work zone. Part of those measures has been the installation of fencing and "No Trespassing" signs in an effort to restrict access to the entire area. The closure is necessary to protect the public from possible falling debris as the structure is removed.

For the first several days, trespassers will receive warnings from law enforcement officials. After that, citations could be issued.

County public work officials anticipate that this complete closure will remain in place until late June, with the area being temporarily reopened during the Memorial Day weekend and then closed again starting the following week.

Two years ago, Utah County purchased Bridal Veil Falls and the surrounding acreage to preserve and protect this iconic Utah County landmark for future generations. Long term plans call for the development of a county park.

For questions or additional information contact Utah County Public Works at 801-851-8600.

For Additional Information Contact:

Mike Stansfield,
Utah County Public Information – 801-360-7400

Utah County Public Works Department - 801-851-8600


Map of Bridal Veil Falls closure