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Open burn period in Utah County will run from Saturday March 14 thru Sunday April 12, 2009. Open Burning Permits are required in the unincorporated portions of Utah County.

They can be obtained at the Utah County Fire Marshal's Office located at 51 South University Ave., Suite 120, Provo, Utah, Phone 801-851-8348.

Alternatively, the burn permit application is available in pdf form : Burn Permit Application

There is a cost of $10.00 for each permit obtained. Citizens in the unincorporated portions of the county who obtain an Open Burning Permit must still must contact the Utah County Burn Line at 374-BURN to determine if it is a "burn" day prior to burning.

Citizens desiring to burn within their respective city limits are specifically reminded to contact their local fire department or city offices for the specific rules pertaining to their jurisdiction.

Residential burning is regulated because of the health and safety implications. Penalties for illegal burning may be imposed by the State Environmental Health Department for violation of the Open Burning Rules.

The State Division of Air Quality prohibits burning of household waste. Only natural vegetation that is part of yard clean up may be burned. This excludes manufactured items such as hazardous materials, tires, other rubber or plastic products and building materials.

The Utah County Fire Marshal cautions that fire can cause serious injury to adults, children or property. Persons lighting fires may be civilly responsible for any damage to another person's property. Utah County residents are encouraged to be sensitive of the needs of neighbors and to consider alternative methods such as mulching, composting, or hauling to an approved landfill rather than burning.