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Utah Valley Dispatch received a 911 call from one of the victims at 9:11 P.M. Deputies from the Utah County Sheriff's Office along with Search and Rescue personnel responded to the scene.

On Monday, June 22, 2009 Utah Valley Dispatch received a 911 call from one of the victims that was present in a boat on Utah Lake when it capsized. The caller swam for approximately three hours before he was able to call dispatch. There were six people on board. The boat capsized between the Utah Lake State Park in Provo and the American Fork Boat harbor.

At approximately 4:30 P.M. six males in their early 30's launched their Trihull boat at the American Fork Boat Harbor. They had approximately 9 life vests in the boat. They were going to spend the evening fishing.

The males were from Spanish Fork, American Fork, Orem, West Jordan and South Jordan.

The boat was between the American Fork boat harbor and the Provo boat harbor when large waves started to pick up. According to one of the victims who was rescued, four of the six passengers moved towards the front of the boat to try and stabilize it. He said it subsequently capsized at approximately 5:45 P.M. Most were able to grab a life vest and or seat cushion as the boat capsized.

Searchers have located five of the six that were on board so far. One male was able to swim to shore near the "Sleepy Ridge" golf course in Orem. Two were located in the reeds near that same area. Rescuers located two of the victims in the water approximately 1/2 mile from shore.

All four victims were hyperthermic from being in the water from 3 to 8 hours. Victims will be transported to local hospitals.

Under the direction of Sergeant Tom Hodgson of the Utah County Sheriff's Office, Search and Rescue, State Park Rangers, Department of Public Saftey, Orem Fire and Rescue, Provo Fire and Rescue, and Life Flight assisted in rescue efforts.

Three helicopters, one airplane and 10 boats were used during this rescue. Approximately 60 rescue personnel assisted with rescue efforts.

Lt. Dennis Harris/ Public Information Officer/ Utah County Sheriff Office

****Tuesday, June 23, 2009****

Search efforts have continued throughout the day with no success of finding Lon Thongthipvoravong (33 year old male from Orem, Utah). Search and Rescue efforts started again at first light. Resources for today were two helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, 10 boats, 8 wave runners and approximately 35 personnel. Efforts have included areas of the lake where sonar has been used as well as the shore line near the Sleepy Ridge golf course. The shore line search with family members assisting has included a greater part of the Powell Slough area. Search and Rescue efforts will continue throughout the day.

The following victims were on the 19 foot Trihull boat when it capsized: 1. Bounthanh Saengkeo 33 years old Spanish Fork, Utah 2. Chansamone Mixayboua 34 years old American Fork, Utah 3. Lon Thongthipvoravong (still missing) 33 years old Orem, Utah 4. Soukkitta Thongthipvoravong (30 years old) Orem, Utah 5. Keoudai Sysasith 33 years old West Jordan, Utah 6. Joe Rajsavong 31 years old South Jordan, Utah

****UPDATE*****Thursday, June 25, 2009 @ 2:30 P.M.*****

At approximately 11:45 A.M. Search and Rescure personnel using side scan sonar found the Trihull boat. The boat was located approximately 1 mile from shore line near the golf course. Family members were notified. For any further information, please contact Lt. Dave Bennett at 801-404-1919. Lt. Dennis Harris/ Public Information Officer