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Sheriff Tracy and Ed Smart will be holding a press conference on 07/20/09, at 10:00 A.M. at the Utah County Sheriff's Office.

PRESS CONFERENCE TO BE HELD: Monday, July 20, 2009 at 10:00 am at the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, located at 3075 North Main Street Spanish Fork, UT 84660 (Front Lawn)

Ed Smart and Utah County Sheriff James O. Tracy Offer DNA /Fingerprint Kits to Utah County Schools

Ed Smart and Utah County Sheriff James O. Tracy are offering DNA and fingerprint kits from the National Child Identification Program free of charge to Utah County elementary schools for children in kindergarten through 6th grade, including Alpine, Nebo and Provo School Districts.

These kits are certified by the FBI and offer parents a comprehensive method to collect specific information regarding their child’s physical characteristics. Each kit contains the following: · DNA Collection Swabs and Envelope: (Allows parents to collect and store child’s DNA) · An ink-less Fingerprint Kit: (Take fingerprints at home without messy black ink to clean) · A Physical Description Card: (Identify distinguishing physical characteristics) · A Laminated Wallet Card: (Contains fingerprint and current photo)

These ID kits can be collected and stored at home in order for parents to have immediate access to this crucial information in the event that their child becomes lost or abducted. This information is vital to law enforcement authorities in their effort to locate a missing child.

These ID kits have been generously provided by the Utah Sheriff’s Association, the Utah Department of Public Safety, the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the American Football Coaches Association in partnership with the FBI.

As a representative of the American Football Coaches Association, Ed Smart is working with the National Child Identification Program to distribute these kits and inform the community about the importance of having a DNA / fingerprint record for children. Ed Smart is also president of The Surviving Parents Coalition and holds a position on the national board of directors for the radKIDS program, a personal empowerment safety education course for children and parents. Mr. Smart has partnered these programs to create a comprehensive child safety initiative called It Takes a Community (ITAC) to assist in educating and ensuring child safety. In coordination with Sheriff Tracy and The Utah County Sheriff’s Office, which supports and endorses these programs, these kits will be distributed in an effort to improve the probability of finding a child who may become lost or abducted.

Parents interested in obtaining DNA / fingerprint kits for their children in kindergarten through 6th grade, simply need to contact their local elementary school or school district office for information regarding the distribution of these ID kits in their area.

For further information or questions regarding DNA / fingerprint kits or the radKIDS program, contact Deputy Dean Larsen at 851-4335, deanl.ucso@state.ut.us or Jennifer Robinson at (801)420-5520, jennr.ucso@state.ut.us

Additional information may be found at the following websites: www.survivingparentscoalition.org www.childidprogram.com www.radKIDS.org