Who is eligible for H1N1 flu mist?">Facebook Twitter More...

Do you think you qualify? Check here

OUTDATED AS OF OCTOBER 15TH, Please see www.UtahCountyHealth.org for updated information.

Flu Mist WILL be given to:

  • Healthy people who
    • Are 2 through 24 years of age
    • Are 25 through 49 years of age and,
      • live with or care for infants younger than 6 months of age, or
      • are health care or emergency medical personnel.

        Flu mist will NOT be given to:

        • Pregnant women
        • Children under 2 years of age
        • People with chronic health conditions
        • People over 49 years of age

          As more vaccine becomes available, other groups will become eligible for the vaccine. Please check back here or call 851-2222 for updates on availability.

          The UCHD H1N1 Immunization Clinic operates during regular clinic hours in our Provo Office ONLY. Vaccine is administered on a first come, first served basis.