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Asking residents to allow working professionals to have Saturday access

OUTDATED AS OF NOVEMBER 16TH, Please see www.UtahCountyHealth.org for updated information.

(November 12, 1 pm) -- Next week, the Utah County Health Department will hold H1N1 vaccination clinics on Thursday and Saturday (November 19th and 21st). H1N1 reservation tickets will be distributed again on Monday, November 16th, at 8 am at the Utah County Health and Justice Building in Provo (151 S. University Ave).

Clinics Thursday and Saturday’

"We have been asked almost from the start for after-hour or Saturday clinics," said Lance Madigan, UCHD public information officer. "This week, with the holiday, we are a little worried about getting the vaccine in time. That made for a good reason to push dates back."

"While we are still adhering to CDC priority groups, we are asking residents to let individuals that can't attend a week day clinic to have first opportunity for the Saturday tickets," said Madigan. "We are specifically trying to help families that have two working adults and can't get to a weekday clinic."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) priority groups currently include:

  • Pregnant women
  • People who live with or care for children younger than 6 months of age
  • Health care or emergency medical personnel with patient contact
  • Children age 6 months to young adults 24 years of age
  • Persons 64 years of age and under with chronic medical conditions associated with higher risk of medical problems from influenza

Vaccinations will continue to be given only at the Health and Justice Building in Provo. Everyone seeking vaccination needs to have a ticket, and needs to report at the time and day indicated. "There is no need to arrive hours early for appointments, because we are only giving out as many tickets as we know we can serve in the given time block," said Madigan. He said the average wait for vaccine is 20-30 minutes. "This also ensures we won't have people stand in line and not get vaccine. That hasn't been a problem in Utah County because we have counted back and cut the line off, but it is reassuring to someone coming down to get vaccine."

Adults can get up to six tickets for immediate family members Monday, November 16th at 8am. Vaccine reservation tickets will only be distributed at the Utah County Health and Justice Department at 151 S. University Ave in Provo this week.

Residents are encouraged to check the UCHD web site (www.UtahCountyHealth.org), to call the UCHD Hot Line at 801-851-2222 or to call United Way’s 2-1-1 Information Line for vaccine availability updates. You may also receive updates by following the UCHD at Twitter or be a fan on FaceBook.


Clinics Thursday and Saturday