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Appointments strongly recommended

(UPDATED December 23, 10 a.m.) -- The Utah County Health Department (UCHD) is now registering individuals for H1N1 vaccination online for Tuesday, December 29th.

"Some of our school districts are out that first Tuesday, and all the kids are out the second, so we hope parents will take advantage of that time for vaccination," said Lance Madigan, UCHD public information officer. "Appointments are strongly encouraged, so we can try and get people in and out quickly. They can also download the forms from our web site that helps speed the process up." Appointments can be made by clicking on the “Schedule Now” button below.

Schedule Now

Children that have received one dose of the H1N1 vaccine should receive a second dose -- or "booster" -- at least 28 days after the first vaccination. This booster should be obtained as soon as possible after the 28-day waiting period. It can, however, be given as much as a couple months later if the vaccine isn’t readily available.

H1N1 and Seasonal Flu vaccine now available

Seasonal flu vaccine is also available at this time on a walk-in, first-come/first-served basis. If you are seeking just the seasonal flu vaccine, it is suggested that individuals come in on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Seasonal flu vaccine is $23 if paid at time of service. For clinic hours and locations, please see www.UtahCountyHealth.org/FluShot.

All vaccine is administered at the Utah County Health and Justice Building (151 S. University Ave, Provo). There is no cost of the H1N1 vaccine.

The Utah County Health Department seeks to promote health, and prevent avoidable disease and injury by monitoring the health of our community, and assuring conditions in which people can be healthy.

Residents are encouraged to check the UCHD web site (www.UtahCountyHealth.org), to call the UCHD Hot Line at 801-851-2222 or to call United Way’s 2-1-1 Information Line for vaccine availability updates. You may also receive updates by following the UCHD at Twitter or be a fan on FaceBook.


UCHD "Encounter Sheet" -- please print one for each person and fill out both sides of form.

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