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The "Ride For Their Lives" Event Will Be Coming Through Utah on September 10, 2010.

The Surviving Parents Coalition (SPC) is sponsoring a bicycle ride across the country, that will stop in Salt Lake City on Sept. 10th, to advocate for the following laws and educational initiatives; the Child Protect Act, DNA on ALL Felony Arrests, the Adam Walsh Act, and the prevention piece; radKIDS, as part of the Not One More Child initiative. radKIDS is recognized by the SPC as the national leader in children’s personal safety education and empowerment.

The Ride for Their Lives is not a race but a bicycle ride from Rochester, New York to Los Angeles, California that kicked off on August 20th and will conclude on September 23rd as we arrive in LA and share the message on CNN with Larry King. This national awareness campaign is designed to bring awareness to the pandemic of violence in our children's lives but most importantly to let everyone know across this nation "What We Can Do Together to Make a Difference Today and Into the Future”.

The Call to Action from the SPC and all of us everyday is to empower our children and communities on what we can do to help protect our children and most importantly how to teach them to protect themselves from predatory violence, while at the same time letting ALL predators know, "NOT ONE MORE CHILD, NOT HERE!, NOT ANYWHERE!”, and drawing attention to the current reality of violence and victimization that exists in children’s lives today.

Thanks to the support of the Sheriff and many others here, Utah County is an example across the nation for its participation in the largest child safety program, radKIDS, teaching more children these valuable life skills than anywhere else in the nation for the last 8 years running.

We would like to invite the citizens of Utah County to join Utah County Sheriff Jim Tracy and come and support this momentous event where prominent members of the community will address the crowd, (including our Sheriff) and the “radKIDS Bad Guy” along with a radKID, will be in the gear to do a demonstration.

The event will be held at our State Capitol Building in Salt Lake City on September 10th at 4pm. Ed Smart, & possibly his wife Lois, will cycle in, followed by a group of other supporters and fellow members of the Surviving Parents Coalition riding the route to kick off the Salt Lake event. While you’re there, don’t forget to visit our radKIDS booth.

If you have a radKIDS shirt, we would be honored if you would wear it to the event and help represent the quality of life we are supporting in Utah County, if not, please come and join us anyway!! For more information on the ride, please visit www.ridefortheirlives.com and www.radKIDS.org. If you are a cycling enthusiast and want to join the ride from Springville to Salt Lake City (or anywhere else along the way) go to www.active.com and search “Utah ride for their lives”. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dean (801-420-0965) or Alyson Larsen (801-420-1729).

Reported by Lt. Yvette M. Rice, Public Information Officer for the Utah County Sheriff's Office. (office) 801-851-4331