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Citizens can view results at Utah County Health Department web site

PROVO, UTAH (November 3, 2011) -- The Utah County Health Department (UCHD) now posts the results of inspections at local eating establishments on the web for review by citizens. Interested individuals can go to their web site, www.UtahCountyHealth.org and following this link "restaurant inspection search" or clicking on the graphic from the home page as shown here.

Restaurant InspectionThis graphic is not a link.

"The public has always been able to come to our office and request to see a record," said Terry Beebe, Environment Health Division director. "Posting the information online just makes for easier access."

Working with a third-party vendor, Custom Data Processing (CDP), UCHD will post the last 18 months worth of inspections. "Interested individuals will be able to look up their local eatery, and see if they incurred any violations during their last three or so inspections," said Beebe.

"The FDA has categories for problems called non-critical and critical violations," said Beebe. "If a restaurant has a violation, a person can click on the link to see what was wrong."

Beebe explained that only problems are recorded. "If nothing is listed, they were doing well at the time of their last inspection," explained Beebe.

"We use inspections not as an opportunity to catch businesses, but to educate about safe food handling practices," Beebe said. "The last thing a restaurant owner wants is to have their establishment linked to a food-borne illness outbreak," he said.

While all food establishments are required to register with the UCHD and consent to regular inspections, only permanent restaurants will be listed on the web site. Temporary food or mass gathering permits will not be listed.

Beebe added that if an individual had a specific question or complaint, they are encouraged to contact the UCHD. "The more information we have on issues, the better we can address problems." Beebe pointed out that while we will not share a person's name with an establishment, we also can't take anonymous complaints. "Too often they are vague or confusing. We need to be able to talk with individuals about what they saw or experienced."

The Utah County Health Department is committed to promoting the health of our community, prevent avoidable disease and injury by monitoring the health of our community, and assuring conditions in which people can be healthy. For information on UCHD programs or services, please visit www.UtahCountyHealth.org or call 801-851-7000. You can also now follow the UCHD on at www.twitter.com/uchd or www.FaceBook.com/uchealth.