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UDEQ Air Quality alerts for Saturday and Sunday

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality has issued a "yellow" air quality alert for Saturday, December 10th, and a "red" alert for Sunday, December 11th.

"Yellow" alerts indicate unhealthy air for sensitive groups, while "red" is considered unhealthy for prolonged or heavy outdoor exertion. Residents are asked not use wood burning stoves or fireplaces, and reduce driving where possible.

You are asked to drive as little as possible during red and yellow days because cars contribute significantly to the area's air pollution. More information on actions you can take to reduce pollution is available on the 'Choose Clean Air' web site at www.cleanair.utah.gov. You can view current air quality conditions, the air pollution forecast, and graphs of air quality trends at http://www.airquality.utah.gov/aqp/provo.html.

More information is also available on the Air Pollution Hotline. Air pollution conditions are updated twice daily, once in the morning and again in the afternoon.

1. Residents in Utah and Weber counties may call (800) 228-5434.

2.Residents in Salt Lake and Davis counties may call (801) 536-0072.

3. Residents in Cache County may call (435) 792-6612.