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Update to Birdseye fire

At this time, Utah County Sheriff's Office law enforcement and search and rescue personnel are continuing evacuation activities in Birdseye. So far, approximately 40 of 60 residences have been sucessfully evacuated. No structures or lives have been lost as a result of fire in that area.

SR-89, from the SR-6 turnoff, is still closed. However, local traffic is being allowed into the area for critical issues such as to retrieve medications and deal with pets and livestock. The situation will be assessed later today for possible opening of the highway.

Utah County Wildland Fire personnel are reporting that there are winds pushing from South to North in the fire area but a good retardant line is in place. They estimate at least 3,000 acres has burned in Utah County from this fire.

No shelter has been established for evacuees as there has not been a need for one. However, the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter has offered to assist with animals being evacuated from the area if needed.

Communication from the command post is still difficult as there is no cell service in that location, but we will provide further updates as relevant information is received.

Reported by Lt. Yvette M. Rice, Public Information Officer for the Utah County Sheriff's Office. (office) 801-851-4331 (cell) 801-420-3745 (e-mail) yvetter.ucso@state.ut.us