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August, 2012

Ryan Sights began working with the County in 2004. He started at Foothill Residential and then moved over to Outpatient services, and has been with us for 8 years now.

Ryan always does great work with clients, suits up and shows up and has the entire Big Book of AA memorized and ready to recite to make a point with a client who is not "getting it." He is fun to work with and brings a lot of energy to his job. He not only walks the walk, but he can talk the talk with clients and staff alike. His gruff and semi-gangster exterior covers a caring and compassionate man that he lets the clients see frequently. Ryan transmits his moods by "hoodie up" or "hoodie down," and if it's "hoodie up" the clients, and Ryan's co-workers are on their best behavior!

Ryan puts in long hours, and when asked why he does what he does, he always says: "It's about the clients man, you know? Hopefully I can be a tool in some way or another in changing someone's life." On his days off, he works at Slate Canyon Youth Services to, in his words: "Hopefully work with the Juvenile Delinquents so they don't end up coming to us as adults."

Ryan has a sixth sense about clients who are playing games with him and not being honest, and on one recent occasion had a "whizzinator" thrown at him after telling a client to just be real ... this devise had been used recently ... Ryan can explain what the device is used for ... Ryan slapped on some latex gloves, fished the device out of the garbage and left it in a plastic bag for evidence. He did not flinch, complain or bat an eye ... all in a days work for Ryan.

Ryan's abilities to read clients accurately, to problem solve on the fly and to be that solid, real person in the clients lives is an invaluable asset not only to our Department but to the hundreds of clients Ryan has made an impact on over the years.

Ryan Sights