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The Forest Supervisor has issued updated road and area closure information for the areas of the Pole Creek and Bald Mountain Fires.

Posted On : 10/12/2018

Notice of and Agenda for the October 16, 2018 Meeting of the Utah County Planning Commission

Posted On : 10/12/2018

View the 2019 Utah County Tentative Budgets.

Posted On : 10/08/2018

While there are no active evacuation orders, several US Forest Service areas and roads are still closed.

Posted On : 10/05/2018

FEMA has resources to help people understand and access the National Flood Insurance Program benefits. The State of Utah Floodplain Manager can also help facilitate this resource if needed.

Posted On : 10/02/2018

Residents living near, or downstream, from areas burned in the Pole Creek and Bald Mountain Fires should be prepared as storms approach Utah County. Debris flows, mudslides, and flooding are possible.

Posted On : 10/01/2018

Weather forecasts call for rain in the coming days. Officials want those living near the areas impacted by recent fires to be aware of the potential for mudslides and debris flows.

Posted On : 09/28/2018

Progress is being made. Hobble Creek roads are no accessible to the public, as are some areas of Diamond Fork and Sheep Creek Roads. Covered Bridge Canyon remains under a mandatory evacuation order.

Posted On : 09/27/2018

No major developments with Pole Creek and Bald Mountain Fires. Containment has again increased for both fires. A checkpoint is still in place for Covered Bridge as the evacuation for that community is still in effect. Fire suppression and structure protection efforts continue.

Posted On : 09/22/2018

Pole Creek and Bald Mountain Fire continue to burn but progress is being made. No real updates except there no homes have been lost and no lost time injuries.

Posted On : 09/21/2018

US Hwy 89 evacuation order lifted and changed to pre-evacuation status. Residents in this area may return home, but the US Forest Service Closures remain in place. Violations will be enforced.

Posted On : 09/20/2018

Closures and evacuations still in place for Pole Creek/Bald Mountain Fires. One change in evacuation zone on US Hwy 89. Residents from Eagles Landing south to county line are now PRE-evacuation.

Posted On : 09/19/2018

All closures and evacuation orders still in place.

Posted On : 09/18/2018

All closures and evacuation orders still in place. Diamond Fork, Sheep Creek, and Right Fork Hobble Creek are now under mandatory evacuation order. Left Fork Hobble Creek is Pre-Evacuation status.

Posted On : 09/17/2018

The Pole Creek and Bald Mountain fire evacuations are still in place. US Highway 6, closed most of Saturday, has been re-opened. No new evacuation or pre-evacuation notices.

Posted On : 09/16/2018


Posted On : 09/15/2018

Evacuation and closure orders are still in place.

Posted On : 09/14/2018

Several canyons and roads have been closed in Utah County have been closed and some residents along US Highway 89 in Spanish Fork Canyon are under mandatory evacuation notice.

Posted On : 09/13/2018

An Orem woman arrested a month ago on drug distribution charges has been arrested again tonight on similar charges and on child endangerment charges.

Posted On : 08/22/2018

Human remains found in Hobble Creek Canyon have been identified as belonging to Elizabeth Elena Laguna-Salgado. She has been missing from Provo since April 16, 2015.

Posted On : 05/24/2018

*** UPDATE 3/6/18 *** On February 23, 2018 Utah County Sheriff's Office received a report that Jerika Ann Binks had been missing since Sunday, February 18, 2018.

Posted On : 02/23/2018