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Airplane crashes

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Sheriff's Office Dispatch received 911 calls regarding airplane crashing into the Relief Mine, Salem, Utah.

On Sunday, November 24, 2002 at approximately 6:21 P.M. the Utah County Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center received a 911 phone call regarding an airplane crash. Witnesses observed a plane fly just over their house and crash into an area near the relief mine just east of Salem, Utah. Witnesses said the plane's engine sounded normal as it went over their home and crashed into the mountain. The plane impacted the mountain at a high rate of speed causing a huge fire ball that lit the night sky and surrounding mountains. Witnesses describe the weather conditions as snowing moderately to somewhat heavy when the plane went down. The plane hit the mountain causing a loud explosion and two other explosions followed with fire balls. The plane is described as a single engine, low wing, six seat, Beachcraft airplane. According to flight services in Cedar City, the plane was scheduled to fly from St. George, Utah to Spanish Fork, Utah. Flight Services contacted the Sheriff's Office and told them that the plane was overdue. The plane belonged to Doctor Blayne Hirsche of Provo, Utah. The identity of the two victims is being withheld pending positive identification from the Medical Examiners Office. Sgt. Dennis Harris/ Public Information Officer/ Utah County Sheriff's Office