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Suspect attempts to elude Deputies

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A Deputy makes a traffic stop at Squaw Peak Trail and suspect takes off. Suspect believed to have drugs and possibly a weapon.

On Friday, June 13, 2003 at 2:00 P.M. a Deputy with the Utah County Sheriff Office made a traffic stop on the Squaw Peak Road in Provo Canyon. The Deputy believed the Suspect to have drugs and possibly a weapon in the vehicle. The suspect took off and Deputies followed the Suspect from Squaw Peak Trail to Camel Back Road just above the hills in Springville.

Springville Police and the Department of Public Safety assisted in the search of the suspect. The suspect was driving a gold 1991 Infinity.

Lt. Dave Bennett a pilot with the Sheriff's Office spotted the suspect and watched him exit his vehicle just above Rock Canyon along Camel Back Road. Deputies entered Little Rock Canyon from the base of the Canyon and from Camel Back Road. The Department of Public Safety flew two of our K-9 units to the top of the canyon to assist in the search.

At 4:40 P.M. Deputies found the suspect in Little Rock Canyon and made an arrest. The arrest was made without incident. Friday the 13th was a bad day for this guy....

Sgt. Dennis Harris Emergency Services Utah County Sheriff Office

Update....Update....Suspect was arrested without incident towards the top of Little Rock Canyon. The suspect is identified as James Birch, 38 years old from Provo, Utah. Suspect is being charged with Felony Evading, Controlled substance violations and possible several other charges. Detectives and Deputies are still investigating to see if the suspect had a weapon.