Utah County Sheriff Deputy Sheriff Badge

Welcome to the Utah County Sheriff's Office Enforcement Bureau

Court Security

The Utah County Sheriff's Office Court Services Division provides security for the Fourth District Courts and the Utah County Justice Court located within Utah County.

The Sheriff’s Office has a number of full time deputies who are stationed at each court location. They are responsible for the security of the court house and its occupants. Their duties include, but are not limited to:

• The screening of all persons and packages that enter the court house

• Providing security in the hallways and courtrooms

• Controlling access to the secure and public areas of the courthouse

• Prisoner care and custody while prisoners are in the courthouse

Our goal is to ensure the safety of the public at large and the safety of court personnel while facilitating your entry into the court buildings. All persons entering the courthouse will be searched and all carry items will be passed through an x-ray machine. Individuals should give themselves extra time to pass through the screening stations when attending court.

When entering the building, remove any metal items from your pockets and your person. This includes metal belt buckles, watches, cell phones, coins, or any other item that will not clear the metal detection equipment.

• Place your personal property including laptop in a plastic bin or on the conveyor belt.

• Proceed through the walk through metal detector.

• If you trigger the detector's alarm, you will be asked to remove any objects you may have missed and walk through the metal detector again.

• The security officer may also use a hand wand to detect any metal on your person.

• No unauthorized objects will be allowed into the court building.

Deputies and court personnel are not allowed to hold any prohibited item for you. Should you bring any such item into the screening area, a deputy will require you to return the item to your vehicle or throw it away. All discarded property will be destroyed. Items prohibited from the courthouse include, but are not limited to:

• Guns

• Explosives

• Knives of any length

• Sharp objects including fingernail files, tweezers, knitting, crochet needles & razor blades

• Pepper spray

• Tasers

• Any item that may be potentially used as a weapon

• Handcuff keys

• Cell phones

• Recording devices